Personal Motivation & Inspiration


In 2013 I was lucky enough to take 12 months leave from my teaching position in Dunedin, New Zealand and travel to Nairobi, Kenya to explore the possibilities and opportunities to volunteer. I went with an open mind in terms of how I would spend my time and use my skills. I was quickly called to working in the health sector, predominantly with girls in health education. The challenge of supporting girls and women as they navigate taboo subjects while living in extreme poverty hit me hard. I still carry with me the motivation from that cause in 2013, and the idea of developing the workshops I created even further, to be accessed by a wider, worldwide community, is very exciting.

As I continued my journey in Kenya I felt a responsibility to educate and empower those who have little or no access to education. I also felt it an obligation to educate those of us in this world who are blessed enough to be sheltered from these issues.

I learnt a great deal about the current situation of girls education from an inspiring book called Half The Sky, this was yet another motivation for me to develop the Angaza Project.

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