FLS Goals & Ambitions

girls-quote-ngozi-okonjo-iwealaThe electronic access in Mai Mahiu is limited due to connectivity and financial restraints (remembering these people predominately fled impoverished areas when the PEV hit).

Even still, I see there being huge scope for the future within the eSpace. The possibilities once this connection takes flight are overwhelmingly endless.

The community would then need an element of teaching around e-identity and what it means in the world: the benefits, the challenges, the opportunities and the black holes.

Not only does it benefit the girls on their journey to empowerment but it also empowers the teacher, with the resources and answers – live, on hand.

The eSpace supports this project to no end. From online tutorials for learning new skills, job opportunities, pre-made resources (like this one), inspiration for economic growth, and SO much more.

One area for example – as the community becomes more and more permanent there are opportunities to lead development within the camp.

With empowerment and education the girls can be leading the charge on the development of their community. Organising work, planning projects and building structures. With the combination of collaboration and e-learning, connecting with experts outside the camp the girls have the potential to build themselves a safe, fulfilling community where they are active, contributing and valued members.