FLS – The Angaza Project

What is the Angaza Project?

The Angaza Project works to provide education for girls and women in a camp in Mai Mahiu outside of Nairobi, Kenya. The camp is home to Internally Displaced People (IDP). The project aims to create a community of girls and women who are empowered with knowledge, breaking the cycle of lack of education and health care awareness – one girl at a time and

working towards achieving the UN Global Goals of;

  • Everyone gets education
  • Good health and well-being

The purpose of the Angaza Project is to provide a safe space for women and girls to meet and discuss personal health and learn about sanitation options, health care and keeping themselves safe.

However, the Angaza Project does more than provide health education. It also promotes a community of women and girls to support one another, to learn together and from one another.

While the initial focus is health education and basic literacy and numeracy for girls and women, the group promotes the sharing of skills. As the community deepens and grows members will be encouraged to share their new knowledge in health education, assuming the position of the teacher. The learning space will also expand to encompass other areas of demand, for example, entrepreneurial ventures and educating women in preparation for the workplace, providing sessions and workshops to focus on these.

The hope is that whether the girls and women want to access the Angaza Project for Health Education or Vocational Education they will then be drawn into a community that will offer much more.

onegirlOne girl reports that educated mothers are more than twice as likely to educate their children. That said, surely the place to start is by educating the victims of this trend – to break the cycle. One Girl also reports that working mothers typically invest 90% of their wages into their family.

These two facts together make for exciting prospects for our girls of tomorrow.