Experiential learning

Social Justice Project

Encourage your students to undertake a social justice project as a group. This could happen (ideally) organically as a class, through discussion where they note that something in their community needs to change or alternatively the concept could be encouraged by the teacher that the class look for areas in their community that they feel like needs attention and make a plan to effect change.

For example, a few years ago I had a student in my class who is blind. A supermarket brought out animal cards to collect and you could also purchase a machine that read the card and made the sound of that animal. The students in the class recognised that this was ideal for their classmate and worked together to get the student a full set as quickly as possible. They then decided that they would collate more sets to donate to the blind foundation that the student was affiliated to and through communication also decided that the cards would be best with brail. They undertook this project in their own time, through their own initiative, with support, guidance and thoughtful questioning from me as a teacher. Through this they learnt even more about the community of the blind people in our city, they invited reps from the foundation in to gift their project to and engaged in meaningful, empowering conversations.