Parent/child Activites

Parent/Child ActivitiesAgain, many of these can interchange with those suggested in the iPad section – Switch and Swap away!

In class we will use Scratch to learn coding in relation to our current astronomy topic. The students are going to make a game that includes knowledge they have learn about the stars etc. Is there a shared interest you have with your child? Could you create a game together? You can also talk with other people, play each other’s games, and curate studios. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you’re a gamer at heart.

Listen to a podcast together while you are making dinner or doing some mindful colouring. These ones are great for the whole family, entertaining and also develop literacy.

Read the news together.

Plan a dream (or real) holiday. Use Google Maps to explore cities you are unfamiliar with and explore local landmarks on Wikipedia. Use  Expedia to look at the price of plane tickets, hotels and activities.

Explore random websites that send you to random, silly, and interesting places online. There are all kinds of random website collections, including:

Goodtricks – learn a magic trick that takes the two of you and then perform it for friends and family – you can find loads more on YouTube too.

Explore your neighbourhood together on Google Earth, or try and find Justin Beiber’s house. You could test your collaborative geography skills at GeoGuessr.
Challenge your child to The Wiki Game a word association game that shows how things are linked together and promotes problem solving and higher level thinking.