Laptops in the Classroom

What does the laptop bring…?Laptops in the Classroom

  • Performance – although iPads are advancing incredibly there are still many functions that only work,or work better on a laptop. Laptops provide advanced performance in comparison simply due to the fact that their larger cases can pack in more hardware. Given the software (e.g. iMovie and Google Drive) we use in our class, switching between devices while working on the same content is fast and easy if there are functionalities required by the iPad user
  • Extension – Often the laptops are used for students who need improved functionality and therefore require a device that can provide. Using the laptop gives endless scope to children who are developing programming in coding, who require detailed abilities in Microsoft applications such as Excel, who are developing movies in iMovie and much more.
  • Due to the larger screen of the laptop collaborating groups often prefer to use it when viewing material cooperatively.
  • The laptops are often opted for when a student has a large amount of typing to do