Information & Benefits

Information & BenefitsWhile many of the benefits of the iPad also relate to the Laptop in terms of finance, time, ownership, learning styles and more (and can be outlined in more detail here), there are many benefits to ensuring that the classroom has at least a small number of Laptops or as an alternative to the 1-to-1 device chosen by you and your child as their primary device.
With the presence of iPads it’s often asked why we still have Laptops in the classroom. The answer is simple – iPads are intended to complement computers, not replace them. The iPad facilitates student-centered learning, however it does not have the equivalent functionality of a Laptop.
Benefits of the Laptop (again, some may relate to the iPad also but have greater benefits here)
  • Electronic Note taking – unlike pen and paper or the ipad the laptop has a built in keyboard. Electronic note taking is both faster and more flexible. Digital note taking allows students to index and organize their study material automatically, quickly search for information by keyword and share notes with other students. Digital notes can be stored and backed up so they are not lost — unlike paper notes — which may become destroyed or lost. Notes can then be accessed at any time or place since the laptop is portable.
  • Preparation for the future – One of the roles of a 21st century school is to equip students in the best way possible for life outside the classroom. In today’s technology-reliant world, learning how to effectively learn and work with technology is an absolute necessity. A laptop is the most commonly used device in the workplace therefore being familiar with it needs to start now.
  • Display – generally speaking the screen of an iPad is somewhat smaller than a Laptop. Depending on the level of detail being viewed on the screen or the desire of the viewer, a larger screen can sometimes be important.
  • Precision – Laptops still can’t be beaten when it comes to control, whether that involves web browsing or word processing.