Parent/Child Activities

ipad-parentActivities for you to explore with your child:



Encourage your child to show you the free Kahoot site.

In class we have created kahoots in maths and social sciences based on the topics that we have been working on. Your child has ownership of at least one of these and can run it from home. Provided you have the devices, have your child run their kahoot with the family. Then you could explore the thousands of kahoots that are on the site – be careful – as anyone can upload a challenge there are some quizzes with incorrect or questionable answers

Create a kahoot with your child – focus on a common interest – challenge other family members.



  • The Digital Media Diet has their top 25 recommended books for students in different age categories. This is a great way to share a reading experience with your child.
  • Cnet claim to have found the 5 most amazing read along apps for ipad. They are interactive and a lot of fun to explore – most have a fee but amazingly number 4 is FREE – Exploring this with your child will allow you to build up basic functional knowledge of the iPad.


Play Games together

  • Heads Up by Ellen is a fantastic and fun game we use in class for the development of oral heads-uplanguage, vocabulary and creative thinking, you can download it for FREE and if you want more options you have the option to buy add on packs for around a dollar. (Insert image?)
  • iDots is a FREE problem solving game that can have two or more players.idots

As the year progresses I will post links to applications for activities and games that you could work on and explore with your child. For example – as a part of our Science anskywalkd Astronomy focus it would be highly recommended that you download and use Sky Walk ; an app that when you point it towards the night sky it enables you to identify the stars,
planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites you can see above. An amazing tool and something we, unfortunately, can’t make use of during the school day.