Information and Benefits

info-and-benefits-ipadThere are many benefits to implementing a 1-to-1 iPad program in the classroom.

According to Edudemic students of all ages can benefit “A study on kindergarteners … who used iPads got higher scores on test of literacy, and showed more excitement about learning than those who didn’t use the devices.” They also report that there are benefits of the marriage between iPads and Flipped learning. “…researchers found that 8th graders who used a digital iBook for studying math at home instead of using the traditional hardcover as part of a flipped classroom scored 49% higher…”


These are benefits I believe directly impact our students:

  • Financial benefits; your child will not require numerous books and other stationery – one device does the lot. It also benefits the child, only having to carry one item
  • They create time. There is no longer need for chunks of the learning day to be dedicated technology as a subject, as it is constantly integrated. Allowing this precious time to be spent on other areas of the curriculum.
  • They save time. Students don’t have to repeat information; for example, usually they would write a letter by hand and transfer it to a computer later for publishing. If the draft is done on the computer, then they simply edit and improve on the same draft.      
  • Driving the device themselves allows students to take ownership of their learning and be more in tune with how they learn best – developing their own personal learning space almost unknowingly. 
  • Students learning can be infinitely individualised, ensuring the content and pace is perfect for the student.
  • iPads enable students to kinesthetically connect with their work. These tactile elements – using fingers to zoom, rotate in, pinch close, or swipe across – as well as increasingly interactive and immersive apps, facilitate hands-on learning.

While it is exciting to use these devices in the classroom I am very aware that they are a ‘tool’ that requires a driver.