Information & Benefits

im-infobennyWith iMovie, we bring lessons to life through video, sound, and pictures. iMovie is a powerful and highly engaging tool for students to share their knowledge and express themselves in the form of digital movies.
Our students create high-quality video reports to demonstrate abstract concepts, or documentaries to increase the relevance of social issues that we explore in class.
Students can easily share with peers. They can create compelling projects that combine digital video, photos, and music, and even their own voice narration. There’s no limit to what they can create.  – from Apple Education
Raw benefits of iMovie:
You can:
  • Edit video footage
  • Create your own footage to edit
  • Bring items from other programs such as iPhoto, iTunes etc
  • Create an interactive and fun learning environment
  • Increase student buy-in in a project
iMovie explicitly promotes:
  • Creativity
students construct, develop, formulate and design video reports
  • Evaluation
Students work and rework, self evaluating as they go
  • Application of knowledge
Students use iMovie as the platform, not the content. No content to apply means no movie
  • Adaptability
Students show their ability to transfer skills and knowledge by presenting in different spaces