iMovie Resources

Video TutorialsiMovie Resources

  1. How to Use iMovie for iPad –  Nine elements (Projects)
  2. How to Create iMovie Trailers (Trailer)
  3. iMovie for iPad Tutorial (Projects)
  4. iMovie Tutorial (Projects)
  5. iMovie for iPad in 5 Minutes (Projects)


Written Directions

  1. How to create an iMovie Trailer
  2. How to make a Movie Trailer with iMovie for iPad
  3. Storyboard Help Sheets if iMovie Trailers – This is awesome!
  4. Edit an Instruction Video with iMovie for iPad
  5. Making a Legendary Movie Trailer with iMovie for iPad



  1. Apple iMovie Help Page
  2. Using iMovie at every level of Bloom’s
  3. iMovie Rubric
  4. 13 Ways to Use iMovie in the Classroom

5. 6 Ways to Enhance Student Learning Using iMovie