iMovie in the Classroom


In our class we use iMovie to view and to create.

As a teacher I predominately use iMovie for two tasks:

  1.  To develop engaging presentations  
  2.  As an assessment tool

Our students use iMovie for a multitude of reasons:

  • To develop engaging presentations
    •  Using video, pictures, text and sound
  • Create Video reports
    • Creating high-quality video reports to demonstrate their comprehension of abstract concepts.
  • Provide out-of school experiences
    • to document and record events outside of the school and that has relevance to the units being taught in the classroom e.g., field trips . These iMovies can be brought to the classroom and shared with the whole class.
  • Create book trailers/reports
    • create engaging book trailers based on the book we are studying in class
  • Self Assessment
    • Recording themselves doing a speech or performing a skill in music or PE to then review and assess