Google Drive in the Classroom

Google Drive in the Classroom

Given the enormity of Google Drive. I’ll break down into the different sub platforms of Drive and give a few examples of how we relate these to


Generic uses across all 4 platforms:

  • Share and work (teacher:student and student:student) without printing
  • access documents in class or at home
  • Use revision history to see who made changes or to revert to earlier versions
  • Say hello, start a conversation or share new ideas using built-in chat

Google Docs

  • Collaborate and share written documents
  • provide instant feedback to each other through the comment function
  • Improve writing skills through peer editing and feedback
  • Work on reports, research or papers together with peers in different classes, schools,or countries

Google Slides

  • Share presentations
  • Draw organisational charts, flow charts, design diagrams, and much more within a presentation
  • Publish and embed your presentation within a website, allowing access to a wide audience
  • Add slide transitions, animations and themes to show-stopping presentations
  • see exactly what others are working on with colourful presence markers
  • Edit a presentation with other people simultaneously

Google Sheets

  • Create a tallies and graphs
  • Create ‘choose your own adventure stories’ using embeded links

Google Forms

  • Peer survey in statistics