eeb3a5e2dd06d83956352f423cafc389How do we keep our children safe in this space?

The big world of the web can be intimidating for us all and a potentially unsafe place for our children to be exploring. We have covered a unit on keeping ourselves safe online and continue dialogue around what this looks like when we are exploring new platforms.

“The Australian Government recognises that student wellbeing and safety are essential for academic and social development. All students should be able to learn and develop in safe, supportive and respectful environments. Australian schools, families and communities all have a responsibility to provide safe online environments and teach children how to use technology in positive and productive ways.”

Within the linked Australian Government website above you can find many resources for understanding cyber safety as well as information around how to support your child from a family perspective. Check out the Safe Schools Hub as well as Bullying No Way!, which has information that could be utilised by you or your child. Or even better – together!

This eSafety site is another great reference for you, to guide your child online and a great spot to educate yourself in topics like; balancing online time, digital reputation, online gaming and much more.

Below are some resources from Google that I would suggest you explore, they are full of great tips and ‘how tos’

“Good To Know” Guide to Staying Safe & Secure Online

Google’s Safety Tools

Tips from parents at Google (videos)

Google’s Family Safety You Tube Channel


This links are from CONNECTSAFELY.ORG and give direct ideas and instruction in specific online spaces

Parent guides provided by

A Parent’s Guide to Facebook

A Parent’s Guide to Instagram

A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat

A Parent’s Guide to YouTube