About Me

thumb_img_0023_1024Hi, I’m Erin, a teacher from New Zealand. I completed my degree at Otago University in Dunedin, NZ. At the completion of my Bachelor Degree I travelled through Europe, basing myself in the UK teaching here and there as I went.

I then returned to Dunedin to teach Year 6 at a Catholic College, where I was for six years. Within that time I was granted 12 months leave to pursue my interest in volunteering abroad. I flew to Nairobi, Kenya where I spent 10 months working in Health Education, HIV counselling and teaching.

In January 2016 I moved to Sydney Australia. Here I work as a Casual Teacher, run youth programs in a marine setting and am also attending university – extending my learning in Education.

My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher it is my goal to prepare students for the future. Constant developments in technology are continually changing the way we work, play, relate, teach, and learn. It is my task to ensure that students have the understanding, awareness, and capability to function in a world ruled by technology. Students need to be inventive, innovative thinkers, and most of all, flexible.  Preparing students for a technology dominated future is top priority, without this they will struggle to have the knowledge and skills to compete for jobs.

Technology is now an integral part of the human experience.  It is integrated into all parts of our lives.  It is a part of the functioning of our homes, our shopping experiences, our transportation, we must ensure that our classrooms are meeting the same grade. We must adapt to 21st century learning and stop expecting all students to be engaged with pencil and paper. The lives of our students are full of exciting applications, gaming opportunities and programming – all have a place in the classroom. It is my goal to enlighten, inform, engage and educate our students using technology in the classroom in a way that makes learning interesting and engaging for our learners today.

Technology is a tool that allows students to create and learn – to be in charge of the process and find their own, comfortable learning space. An ipad is an instrument to create, collaborate, share and reflect in almost all areas of the curriculum.7786034_orig

I use online communities to collaborate in my teaching journey through my Personal Learning Network (PLN). This is important for my teaching as the technology we are using today won’t be the same as the technology we are using next year or in years to come. Our classroom is changing at a rapid pace therefore the skill we must model for our students first and foremost is adapting to those changes and making them work for us.
I aim to teach and integrate the latest technology so that I can continue to be relevant and engaging – both exceptionally important in being an effective teacher.