E is for … Essentials

In this module our lecture has asked us to consider:

  • what we think the fundamentals of learning in the future?
  • What do we need and what can we do without?
  • What are going to be important driving factors in considerations of new learning space design as we move further into this century?

He posed these questions after requesting we view and explore two incredibly moving sites

  1. What’s in my bag?
  2. Clouds of Sidra

Here are my, somewhat jumbled thoughts:

*Empowerment     *Compassion     *Freedom    *Opportunity    *Self-discovery    *Values    *Purpose    *Human Rights

After browsing the responses of my peers – these are some notes that stood out.



“Education breeds confidence.

Confidence breeds hope.

Hope breeds peace.” (Confucius)

“It is the function of education to facilitate the development of human character. This development leads people to the enthusiasm of heart, the quality of mind and the virtue of character to persist in a never ending quest to establish their willful living with knowledge and understanding”. (Maxwell & Melete,2013, p.2)

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