E is for … Expand

1235425_10151657976972607_283464754_nIts time for me to expand my WordPress skills and understanding as I develop my Future Learning Space. Finding myself in a rather liminal space just now, fingers crossed I work through it appropriately.

My plan for my FLS seems to change and evolve every day, however I do know the basis.

I would love to focus on an Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp outside of Nairobi, Kenya in an area called Mai Mahiu.

After spending 2013 in Kenya, much of that time spent in Mai Mahiu IDP camp it feels a natural location for me to develop a space for.

I fear that, due to lack of access to technology in the camp, my concepts and ideas won’t be very exciting in comparison to the ideas flowing around this brilliant eCoP. Given that I know the limitations and restrictions I would love to work within the parameters, creating a resource that could truly be implemented.

An area I worked in was health education and I discovered a huge need for more attention in this area with regards to girls/women’s education.

I would like to develop a future learning space for Girls/Women’s Education in Mai Mahiu IDP.

My concept is around creating a group of Girls and Women who come together to be educated in Health Education. When this group has a strong community base, the students will then become the teachers – inviting new members and sharing their knowledge and so on. Once the group is established the idea is that learning goes beyond health education to learning practical skills from one another in any area and also continuing to maintain the community of the group which will act as a great support for the girls/women.

The spaces therefore would be ‘classroom and school’ and ‘group, cooperative, collaborative’

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